Stemiverse 0019 - Brian McNally: Thinking While Moving

September 18, 2017

Welcome to Stemiverse Podcast episode 19.

In this episode, Dr Peter Dalmaris and Marcus Schappi talk with Brian McNally.


Brian is a veteran teacher with 23 years of experience.

Brian has moved from Outdoor Education to Primary Physical Education, Secondary Physical Education, IT, Maths and Science. Specialising in Gifted and Talented Education, Brian is now teaching stage 3 students, which is years 5 and 6, on the NSW Central Coast in Australia.

He regularly presents seminars and training events to teachers on topics such as:

  • Thinking while Moving in Mathematics
  • Using IT in PE
  • Mathematics
  • These are some of the topics that we will discuss in this podcast.

Brian’s passion is in encouraging students to make links between concepts taught in STEM subjects. By making learning relevant to Pop Culture, his students become actively engaged in their lessons through familiarity with themes common to their generation.

This is Stemiverse Podcast episode 19.


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